Goods in ADR



(ADR ED. 2017)


It must be kept in mind that when transporting dangerous goods on packages, several factors must be reported legibly and indelibly, such as the identification number of the goods preceded by the letters "UN", with the specific dimensions that we now do not report, according to law. A label, in the form of a square, belonging to the ADR class to which the dangerous matter that is being transported belongs, secondary labels beyond the main one when the goods present other dangers with respect to the specific class and finally the classic danger mark for the 'environment. The legislation also provides in addition that there are specific equipment and additional equipment for certain classes that we are not reporting for the sake of brevity.
The drivers of the Fuitura trasporti Srl who transport dangerous goods in packages are provided with the Certificate of Professional Training (Patentino A.D.R.) with the exception of transport carried out under exemption according to 1.1.3. The following are exemptions: transport of dangerous goods in limited quantities according to Chapter 3.4 of the ADR; transport of dangerous goods with partial exemption according to of the ADR;
transport of dangerous goods in exempt quantities according to Chapter 3.5 of the ADR;

We also remind you that in order for a packaging to be suitable for the transport of dangerous goods it is necessary that it satisfies a precise series of resistance and solidity requirements. Precisely for this reason the packaging for the transport of dangerous goods are subjected to a whole series of tests that only if they are all exceeded as required by regulation, allow the approval of the same to this type of transport. The law also states that the following information is provided on the document for the transport of dangerous goods shipped under ADR: the UN number preceded by the letters "UN", the precise designation of the transport, the hazard label, number and description of packages ; total quantity expressed for each type of dangerous goods that has a different UN number, data of the consignor and recipient data and finally, when requested, the words "DANGEROUS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT".

Article 168 of the new highway code regulates road transport of dangerous products with related penalties. The same article provides, in addition to the administrative pecuniary sanction, also ancillary sanctions for the suspension of the registration certificate and the suspension of the driving license for a period ranging from two to six months. In the event of a return, the accessory sanction with the administrative confiscation of the vehicle also follows.