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Futura Srl Trasporti
Futura Srl Trasporti
Futura Srl Trasporti

We guarantee the quality of our service

Futura Srl Trasporti has constantly sought and obtained a wide range of certifications and authorizations with the dual purpose of guaranteeing the widest range of services and the highest quality standards in carrying out the same. The constant commitment of Futura Srl Trasporti to act in the most scrupulous respect of the rules in all the activities carried out is an element of absolute importance and value for the Customers.

  • 2017 - ISO 9001:2015

    Quality management: the best-known quality management standard in the world. The QMS Quality Management System or Quality Management System QMS is based on the management of processes and focuses primarily on the full satisfaction of the customer and on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the results to increase the chances of success of the companies on the market. ISO-9001:2015.pdf

  • 2017 - ISO 14001:2015

    The new ISO 14001 standard focuses more on environmental aspects along the value chain, focusing a lot on environmental impact assessment, not only on activities within the organization, but also on upstream and downstream processes (eg raw materials , logistics, transport, processes entrusted to third parties, etc.). The two main points are therefore: assessment of the environmental impact within the life cycle of products and services; assessment and control of risks and opportunities and their environmental impact. ISO-14001:2015.pdf

  • 2017 - ISO 18001:2007

    The BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 standard directs the organization to improve the health and safety conditions in the workplace, eliminating or minimizing the risks generated by the activity for employees and other interested parties that may be exposed to it. ISO-18001:2007.pdf